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Reimage software: a very disappointing experience

I am a disappointed customer of a company called Reimage.

They sell a windows repair software.
The software runs a scan on the computer, reporting useless parameters such as if you have more memory or disk space than the average.
It did not solve my problem (I am not able to reinstall or remove .NET framework 4 from my windows 7)

So I called the customer service.
They proposed me a customized service in which the technician takes control of the computer via remote connection. The third party software they use (teamviewer) is very cool but what they do with my computer is very rough.
The very first thing they do is to uninstall their reimage software.
Then they install the trial version of maleware bytes and CC cleaner and force repair of the registry without any backup.

Of course they did not even bother to target the problem I was telling them so of course it was not solved.
After that, they tried several times to repair the problem but their expertise is very low.
It was only after 3-4 times I explained them that .NET is a windows core component that they understood that I was not talking about the interNET explorer.

I was very patient, but they would call in the middle of the day whe I was at work (I think they operate from the Philippines) asking if they could connect remotely.

They caused other problems on the computer and made me lose several working day.
Finally I gave up, asking them a refund as promised in their policy.
Here is when they stopped answering my emails.

This is the reason of this short report. If you are interested in more details, I can provide them by email, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you found this text before purchasing their services, be sure to stay 1000miles away from this company:
And the technicians I have dealt with:
Sachiko Jino (it seems the real name is Racquel Gonzales)
Joy Hirokami (I do not know the real name)

iacopo torrini (

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